Touching moments. Touching lives.
Design. Create. Donate.

Your photos can change lives. By making a Memo you are making a difference. Proceeds from every single Memo product created is donated to a worthy cause…and that cause can even be yours. Your organization can sign-up and start raising funds within days.
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A Giving Heart

At the core of Memo is a giving heart. We have created a platform that is simple to use, easy to sell and an incredible tool to help drive change by fundraising.

A Wanted Product

Memo gives you, the fundraiser, the opportunity to sell beautiful world class photo products to your network of supporters and fans. No more cookie dough and wrapping paper.

A Good Cause

Memo puts in the ‘fun’ back into ‘fundraising’ with a catalogue of beautiful products, that you will feel proud to promote and your network will be thrilled to purchase.

Turning Fundraising on it’s Head!

Have you ever bought cookie dough, wrapping paper or magazines to support a school or cause? Did you end up disappointed with the final products, or not use them at all?

Do you use your phone or camera to capture pictures of your day-to-day life? Do you post any of the photos to Facebook or Instagram? Wish you could have them in a book or canvas to share with family and friends?

Memo simply takes the beautiful photos you capture every day and creates a personalized photo product that is shipped directly to you…while supporting the school or cause of your choice. You end up with a product you love, and the organization receives a portion of the proceeds. Everybody wins!

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Why Memo?

Memo is on a mission to change the world of fundraising!We want to help schools, charities and churches find new ways to fund their work, by offering items that everyone already loves…custom photo products.

When you Make a Memo, 50% of the proceeds from your order go back to the organization you are supporting. What are you waiting for? You’ve made your memories, now go Make a Memo and give back!

How Memo Works

There is no cost involved by signing up to use Memo as your fundraising platform. All you need to do is tell your community about the product and drive sales so that your organization may benefit to the maximum. We have 100’s of beautiful designs to sell that cover the most special moments and big life events.

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Making beautiful products people love is core to our mission. The world is filled with amazing designs and stunning ideas – but there is a disconnect between what is wanted and beautiful, and what is actually offered in traditional fundraising. Gone are the days of generic wrapping paper and cookie dough. Instead, welcome amazing designs that you can make your own and feel good knowing you’ve also given back.


Inspiring people to act has never made this much sense. To support your school, church, team or worthy cause of your choice, all you need to do is create a memory, snap a picture and make a Memo. Of the 400 million images uploaded to social media every 24 hours, we know some of those are yours. Those pictures can make a difference! Memo gives you the platform to build the beautiful photo products you want, while supporting a cause close to your heart.


With Memo, charitable giving becomes part of your life’s most precious experiences. Now when you go online to build your Christmas cards, announcements or photo books, you will also be giving back to the cause you want to support. Each time you make a Memo, your organization of choice receives half of the proceeds and you get a product you wanted to buy anyway. This may be a sugar-free way of raising funds, but the rewards are just as sweet!

Do you want to start raising funds for your worthy cause?